5754-H114 Aluminum TopGrip Floor Plate

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5754-H114 Aluminum floor plate, commonly known as “diamond plate”, “tread plate” or “Top Grip”, is an excellent candidate for most processing techniques and both interior and exterior applications. Top Grip is the only bar pattern that has proven to be adequate to meet R13 antiskid standards. With a special design of the bars and a bar height of 2.4 mm, Top Grip meets most safety requirements. It’s lightweight with a dull mill textured finish and its raised diamond pattern on the surface provides excellent traction. Common applications include vehicle bodies, ship building, catwalks, and trench covers.

Alloy 5754 corresponds in standard designations and specifications, but may not be a direct equivalent to: A95754, Al Mg3, Al 3.1Mg Mn Cr, AW-5754.





Extra traction. Formable & weldable. Average machinability.



Element Percentage
Mn 0.0 - 0.5
Fe 0.0 - 0.4
Mg 2.60 - 3.60
Si 0.0 - 0.4
Cr 0.0 - 0.3
Cu 0.0 - 0.10
Mn + Cr 0.1 - 0.6
Zn 0.0 - 0.2
Ti 0.0 - 0.15
Al Balance



  Imperial Metric
Density 0.0965 lb/in3 2.66 g/cc
Ultimate Tensile Strength 39,200psi 270 MPa
Yield Tensile Strength 31,200psi 215 MPa
Shear Strength 23,200psi 160 MPa


Temper H114
Hardness Brinell 52
The provided chemical compositions and mechanical properties are general approximations. Please contact our Customer Service Department for material test reports.
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Available Sizes


Thickness Width Length Weight
0.125" 60.00" 192.00" 1.800


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