Galvanized steel is a type of steel that has been treated with an application of protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion. The most common means of galvanizing is through a process known as hot-dip in which the material is first cleaned to remove rust, oil, and mill scale. Then, it is immersed in a bath of molten zinc. Galvanized steel can be identified by the crystallization pattern on the surface, also known as “spangle”.

Coremark Metals offers an extensive variety of galvanized metal including bar stock, angles, channels, tubes, pipe, and sheet. Our galvanized steel perforated square tubing allows multiple sizes to fit within one another allowing a telescoping feature that makes adjusting to different lengths fast and easy.

Buy your galvanized metals online- either cut to size or at full length. Not sure where to start? Our experienced team of metal enthusiasts are available to assist with your custom project and will answer any questions you may have. Or, you can start by exploring our menu of in-house processing services. Request a custom fabrication quote and start saving time and money today!

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