Galvanized Steel Channel

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Hot-dipped galvanized steel channels are excellent candidate for most processing techniques. Welding, torching, or abrasive sawing galvanized steel is not recommended without proper protection and adequate ventilation. Galvanized channels are A36 hot rolled steel, or mild steel, channels that have been dipped into a molten zinc coating process (ASTM A123). Hot-dipped galvanize (HDG) can be identified by its crystallization pattern, also known as “spangle” on the surface of the material. Great corrosion resistance, excellent candidate for outdoor use or exposed environments. Common applications include heating and cooling systems, walkways, ramps, structural support, trailers and electrical protection.



Size Weight Per  Foot (Lbs) Depth Width (Flange) Thickness (Web)
3" x 4.1# 4.1 3" 1.410" .170"
4" x 5.4# 5.4 4" 1.584" .184"
5" x 6.7# 6.7 5" 1.750" .190"
6" x 8.2# 8.2 6" 1.920" .200"
8" x 11.5# 11.5 8" 2.260" .220"
10" x 15.3# 15.3 10" 2.600" .240"


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